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Posted on 02 January 2018

Visual Identity

In order to differentiate yourself from others, it is essential to create your visual identity. It translates into a specific graphic style: colors, shapes, texts and signs that represent you. This graphic style can be applied everywhere in the company: business card, letterheads, greeting cards, diary, packaging, advertising, outfits, …

Website Showcase

A showcase site is a presentation site: it reports to the public information about your company: its activity, its executives, its teams, its values, its references, its partners, its products and services, its address.
It also manages job offers, requests for quotes, newsletter subscriptions, links with social media.


Website an e-commerce site (also known as a merchant site or an online store) is a website that allows users to order and pay for products or services. Payment can be made on the e-commerce site or offline by bank transfer or check. The impact of an e-commerce site also extends to sales via offline channels. For example, customers use the e-commerce site to inquire about prices, promotions, news, consumer reviews, and availability of products before going to the classic point of sale.


The term Responsive or Responsive Web Design is the adaptability of a website to the size of the screen of the user.
The page will be displayed differently on a computer, tablet or smartphone making it easier to view the site regardless of the size of the terminal.

Web App

The term web app or web application refers to an application hosted on a server and usable via an internet browser.
Today, the development of custom-made features and applications enables the company to differentiate itself from its competitors by providing value-added services to its customers (customers, suppliers and third parties in general).

Intranet / Extranet

The intranet / extranet in a company corresponds to an internal communication network. We talk about extranets or intranets depending on whether it is accessible via the Internet or not.

  • It allows the availability and sharing of documents (technical documents, company information, text, video, image, etc.). A search engine facilitates access to documents
  • The information available is centralized and up to date for all users, with a history of interventions and stakeholders
  • It is an internal communication tool via email, discussion forum , chat, mailing list, videoconference, agenda, staff directory ...
  • It reduces errors and misunderstandings related to poor communication between employees
  • It is an important tool to convey the values and the image of the company
  • the use of the intranet is governed by access rights defining the roles of users
  • can now deploy and maintain an extranet or intranet with discounted prices

Natural SEO

Natural Search (SEO) includes tools and tips (writing, keywords, links, etc ..) that allow to position a web page (among the first results) following the Internet search engine queries such as Google, Yahoo ...
Unlike paid search, SEO does not include payment to the search engine.

Paid SEO

SEO Paid search involves paying a search engine (such as Google, Yahoo, ..) to increase its visibility on the internet.
Thus, when one chooses the paid search, the site appears as an announcement at the top of the search results page. The engine is often paid at the cost per click.
Google AdWords is the most popular paid search tool. It allows the purchase of a site's visibility when queried on Google: you can buy a keyword or key phrase and force your site to appear among eleven places reserved for Google AdWords ads.


Webmarketing is the set of marketing and advertising tools and techniques used on the internet.
Based on the ideas of traffic generation and user behavior analysis, it has become a significant asset for business development.


E-mailing refers to the use of e-mail as a direct marketing channel. Among other things, it helps to reach new targets and strengthen existing relationships with current customers.

Web Writing

Web writing refers to the production of texts adapted to the Internet.
The web style is different from other scripts by being terse, easy, energetic, light and catchy. In addition, it must take keywords that are essential for the proper SEO of web pages into account.


Webmastering encompasses the complete management of a website: its creation, updating and maintenance.
The webmaster guarantees the proper functioning of the site.

Managed Hosting

The data and files constituting a website are hosted on a machine (server) connected to the network: this is called hosting.
The server requires maintenance and continuous management to ensure the availability of the site on the internet.

Social media

Social media refers to sites and platforms offering social interaction and content creation (blog, forum, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Viadeo, etc.).
Good social media management in a company can have a direct impact on the company's image and subsequent results.

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