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Posted on 01 April 2018

You have noticed for some time that quite a few of your competitors in the legal field have a website. You are wondering today about the need for this communication tool and the key points to follow in order to embark on such a project.
The new Regulated Professions Act now allows lawyers to advertise like any other company.
Firms can choose from various tools and communication media to make themselves known. In particular, they have the right to have their own websites presenting and promoting their activity.

Why a website for a law firm?

If you are expanding and are looking to expand your customer portfolio, having a website is more than necessary. But not only because having a website is a simple and effective way to ensure your visibility and extend your reputation to the web.

The website of your firm will allow Internet users to know you better:

  1. discover the lawyers in your firm to which your clients will be entrusted to defend their case: professional experience, diplomas, conferences, articles, publicized trials etc.
  2. understand your expertise: what type of files do you deal with? What are the specializations of the firm's lawyers?
  3. the types of clients represented by the firm (companies, individuals ...), highlighting your skills in international law
  4. what differentiates you from other firms

It can also serve as a tool for making contact: making appointments, request for quote …

How to make the website of a law firm?

To succeed in the design of your website, think about healing both the form and the substance.

  • The shape:
    A neat and well thought out design is essential to convey a positive image of the cabinet. It is recommended to entrust this work to an experienced web designer who will use your graphic charter, highlight your key messages, make the user want to go further and click on the right button!

    Casually, the ‘look’ impacts the public more than the text: a distinguished and appropriate web design is another tool to differentiate you from the competition.

    Also think about the photos: a shooting session by a professional photographer is not a luxury. The photos that you will present on your site: the firm, the team, the portraits of the lawyers, even the corporate video that you put online are visual elements that will make effect with the Net surfers.

    The form also includes a responsive design: the site must be adapted to the screens of tablets and smartphones representing a growing share of web consultations. It is important to check and treat the display of the site on various terminals.
  • The content:
    The writing of the content must take into account the following points:
    1. texts that are clear and understandable by readers who do not necessarily know legal jargon. Leave details for face-to-face meetings with your customers.
    2. traffic generating texts: ie keep in mind the expressions that a future customer will use on Google to find you

What you can put forward:

  1. lawyers' CVs: this is what surfers generally look for first. Remember to show subtly in particular what differentiates them from others (conferences, articles, mediatized trials ...)
  2. the expertise and under-expertise of lawyers are to be specified to meet the specific needs of visitors to the site
  3. well reflect on the key messages presenting the factors that differentiate your practice from an average cabinet
  4. enrich your content with articles of funds, feedback, etc.
    A blog associated with the site, well referenced on the search engines will optimize the referencing of the site and thus reach new targets.

Rules to respect

Promote your activity on the web, yes! But in respect of the essential principles of the profession. The national rules of procedure have well framed the procedure: the choice of the domain name until the publication of the fees of lawyers through the use of hypertext links on the site.


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